The Book of Boba Fett Episode 3

The Streets of Mos Espa


While last week's episode was immersed in the flashback to Boba Fett's time with the Tusken Raiders, this week's episode picks up with the action on the streets of Mos Espa. The ex-bounty hunter depicts his ability to lead as a crime boss in this episode, which will stand him in good stead for the looming unrest that the future episodes are going to be immersed in.


Boba Fett As The Esteemed Leader


Throughout this series, we have seen Fett display the traits of being a fair leader who is to be trusted, advocates for his people, and deals with strenuous situations. While he doesn’t initially appear to be given respect as a crime boss by the people, he acts like someone who is worthy of respect as a leader. We can see him beginning to make a change and impact people, garnering steadfast supporters. This particular episode sees Fett scooping up some raw talent from the streets of Mos Espa in the form of a band of young thieves who have been stealing water from the water trader Lortha Peel. It's discovered that Peel is charging ridiculous prices, and Fett displays he makes an excellent crime lord by employing these youngsters.

 Book of Boba Fett Episode 3 Review


A Peek Into The Past


The episode largely concentrates on the present, but we witness an essential flashback to Fett's time with the Tusken Raiders. The last episode revealed that Fett became very closely involved with the Tusken Raiders. This makes the heartbreak of this episode all the more real when the flashback reveals that his Tusken Raider friends have been decimated. This occurs while Fett was away collecting the protection fee he bartered for when the Raiders took out the spice train in the last episode. The effects of the decimation of his friends will hopefully be unpacked in greater detail in the coming episodes. The flashbacks have a purpose to the story that is unfolding and likely hold more importance than simply filling in the gaps of Fett’s timeline between escaping the Sarlacc and the present.

 Tusken Raiders Destroyed


A War is Looming


After their bounty hunter makes an attempt on Fett's life,

Black Krrsantan vs Boba Fett


the Hutt Twins arrive in a stately affair at his front door, declaring that they are leaving the planet. They are doing this because tensions are rising, pointing towards a war for the control of Tatooine. There is another power play arising, and Fett, Fennec, and friends will need to be ready for the war that is coming. The gift of a Rancor creature from the Hutt Twins adds to the dramatic atmosphere that this episode has built up, as Boba has every intention of riding his new favorite beast. Who needs a litter like the Hutts when you can ride a Rancor through the streets of Mos Espa? Certainly not Boba Fett.

 Hutt Twins gift Rancor


This episode has been jam-packed with excitement and anticipation for the coming action. The previous episodes have indicated that Boba Fett will have some challenging circumstances to navigate in the future as the battle for Tatooine unfolds.

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