From the Desert Comes a Stranger

 cobb vanth


The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 6 opens with Cobb Vanth, “the Marshal,” confronting a group of Pykes dealing Spice. Cobb Vanth appears in The Mandalorian when Mando travels to Mos Pelgo and battles the Krayt Dragon. He uses his impressive gun-wielding skills to convey that spice dealing will not be tolerated on his turf. But the Marshal’s confrontation is just the beginning of the escalation in the conflict Tatooine will see in the upcoming war.


Mando Pays a Visit to Grogu

Mando and Ahsoka


After introducing the Marshall of Mos Pelgo, the episode cuts back to Mando in his newly refurbished Naboo N-1 starfighter. Mando will soon join Boba Fett’s rising crusade against the Pyke Syndicate, but he first intends to visit Grogu, his Mandalorian foundling. He arrives at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy building site and encounters Ahsoka Tano, a former Padawan who rejected the Jedi ways. Ashoka tells Mando that Grogu misses him greatly and he shouldn’t see the baby because it will only distract him from learning the Jedi ways. He agrees to leave, but Ahsoka Tano assures him that Grogu will get his gift of the Beskar armor he made for him.

 skywalker and grogu


Grogu Faces a Difficult Choice

As the action has heated up, the series has detoured drastically from the Boba Fett storyline by focussing on The Mandalorian. This direction has the effect of drumming up excitement for the third season for the Mandalorian, rather than focussing on a storyline about Boba Fett. While this can be somewhat frustrating for those who want to see more of Boba, it has created a storyline that transcends the confines of series and seasons. Lovers of the franchise can find some merit in that. In this persistent detour from the storyline, we see Luke Skywalker present baby Grogu with a choice: Mando’s Beskar armor or Yoda’s Jedi Lightsaber. The items indicate embracing attachment or choosing the Jedi way of living with no personal attachments. Mando and Grogu have a special bond, but it is equally important that Grogu learn the ways of the Jedi. Luke’s ultimatum will likely be a major component in The Mandalorian season 3, as it is not a straightforward choice for the baby to make.

 Grogu choice


Boba Amasses Supporters

Returning to Boba Fett and the action, not much has happened besides Boba gathering what allies and supporters he can find. But while Boba is slowly amassing supporters, the Pykes are taking massive action in their crusade for control of Mos Espa. Cad Bane isolates Boba’s potential supporters in Mos Pelgo by sending a violent message to the Marshall that his town should not get involved in the coming strife. Not only that, but the Pykes make a pointed move by bombing Garsa Fwip’s club. Boba's retaliation is inevitable.

 Cad Bane


The Book of Boba Fett has one more episode in season 1, and we can’t be sure what it will hold after only a single glimpse of Boba across two episodes. With the instigation of violence in Mos Espa, it's time for Boba to take a stand against the Pykes and defend his title of Daimyo. Hopefully, with the help of a well-trained rancor.

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